Perambulator is an auditory art collective centered around guitarist, bassist and composer Wouter van Dijk.

Influenced by progressive rock, jazz and ambient music, Perambulator releases tracks that defy musical convention, rewarding for both overt and passive listening. Influences include Pink Floyd, Aaron Parks, Zero 7, Porcupine Tree and Jon Hopkins. If you don't have Spotify the music can also be found here

“The idea of ​​making my own music, playing all the instruments and doing all the writing, recording and production, evolved about three years ago when I was recording an album with a singer just after visiting Africa. I wanted to have a way to express myself and put out music without having to play guitar all the time. Music that can be played in the background for the mood it ellicits, but is also suitable for more attentive listening. The thing is, I love guitar music but I never put it on. It is too one-dimensional, unable to capture the moods that a full band can.

And the moods I love are often the late night moods with friends, down several beers, or joints, or LSD, talking about mystery, life, history, exploring the world, sharing crazy stories and generally being amazed by the crazy times we live in . I love dark music. I love intellectual music, full of complexity. I love happy, beautiful music too but there is something crazy and creepy and dramatic and tragic and oddly explanatory about dark music that describes your complex emotions so much more than happy music ever could. That makes you think of a winter night on a mountain, or evokes a dark forested swamp with a million lurking creatures just outside of the range of your candle, or a seedy bar where the drunk and lonely sit until dawn sets them free, accompanied in their raucous revelry by the band playing their sorrows away.

Music that tells a story, that tells of emotions but without needing lyrics to do so, guiding the listener in a more ambiguous way.”